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Global Lecture Series

What's fueling the clean energy economy? National trends and local opportuNity

june 28, 2018 | 6-8pm | Geekdom event centre | 131 Soledad street

Lynn Abramson, PhD, President,
Clean Energy Business Network

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EPIcenter is introducing a new lecture series this month that will bring global new energy thought leaders to San Antonio. The first lecture will be provided by Lynn Abramson, PhD, President of the Clean Energy Business Network, who will examine national trends and local opportunities in the new energy economy.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and natural gas represent the growth sectors of the U.S. energy economy. Renewable energy and natural gas now account for half of electricity generation across the U.S.--and more than 60% in Texas. Thanks to efficiency improvements, GDP has been growing without a corresponding increase in energy use. Meanwhile, on average, U.S. households are devoting a smaller share of their total household budgets towards electricity than at any time ever recorded. How can Texas--and San Antonio in particular--leverage its existing energy leadership to create new economic opportunities in these growth sectors? This conversation with Dr. Abramson will examine trends and opportunities at the national scale and in Texas fueling the clean energy economy.

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