What We Do

New Energy Incubator and Accelerator

The objective of EPIcenter's New Energy Incubator and Accelerator is to help EPIcenter to become the home of thought leading innovation and ideas relating to sustainable new energy.

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Fabrication Laboratory

The "Fab Lab" will serve as a makerspace, where academia, energy companies, and the community can convene to prototype, test, and explore solutions.

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Think Tank

The goal of the Think Tank is to drive the conversation toward best practices for the emerging industry and scalable, economically feasible new energy production and distribution.

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Exhibit Space

Exhibit spaces will be created with interactive and structural artifacts that will convey the amazing history, future and innovation of the energy industry.

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Conferences & Summits

EPIcenter will host industry and like-minded stakeholders in its auditorium and conference concourse.

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Andi N. Littlejohn
programs manager